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Sports Specific Rules

All Sports

  • No metal cleats

  • No gum or sunflower seeds

  • No food or drinks on the turf and in the weight room

  • No headphones on while in training

  • No verbal or physical abuse is tolerated anywhere in the facility

  • No retrieval of equipment without a staff member

  • No removal of anything owned by the PAC or other athletes from the facility

Baseball & Softball

  • Batters must wear helmets

  • No swinging bats outside of the designated areas

  • Return all equipment to its proper place

  • No metal cleats

  • Use only designated entry/exit points

Weight Room & Fitness Center

  • Return weights to their racks after use

  • Wipe down machines after use

  • Use a spotter when lifting heavy weights

  • No dropping of weights or dumbbells

Equipment Use and Return

  • Any equipment used must be approved by the MOD and a waiver saying they have knowledge of the rented equipment and that they received a short tutorial from a PAC employee.

  • If rented equipment comes back damaged in any way the renter forfeits their deposit.

  • It's the renter's responsibility to return the rented equipment back in the same condition and location as when it was rented

PAC Indoor Training Faciliities

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